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Barton Energy

A conqueror of the urban jungle, silent like a pinched tiger. An electrifyingly agile scooter that will work great as an alternative to the combustion vehicles we drive every day to work. Its compact dimensions will allow you to move easily in the city traffic jam and the cost is only PLN 1.10 per 50 km! A range of 50 km is enough to move from point A to point B without fear. To give you a rest with your hands after a busy day in the office you can turn on cruise control and let go of the gas. Our scooter will take us home by itself.

zł6,499.00 Price

copy of Barton E-Max Li-Ion

The short range of an electric vehicle, or the difficulty of finding an outlet for parking and charging is a thing of the past! Barton E-max Li-ion comes into play with two easy-to-pull batteries that you can easily take to your apartment or office. You no longer have to worry about where there is a power outlet in the shared parking lot. With up to two modern Li-ion batteries, the E-max scooter can travel up to 100 kilometres on a single charge! The color display shows all the necessary parameters such as battery level, speed, mileage and current driving mode. Another useful addition is the speaker system, to which you can connect your smartphone with music or navigation via Bluetooth.

zł9,399.00 Price