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Airflow LS2 HELMET OF562

Helmet LS2 OF562 Airflow - open helmet In the LS2 Airflow helmet lightness and protection combine with an alternative and very interesting design with an open surface and efficient ventilation. Helmet to choose from in many colors and graphics that fit any scooter. It is the best helmet for riding a scooter around the city and for lovers of freedom on chopper motorcycles - cruiser Helmet is equipped with a removable, drawing-resistant and UV-resistant viewfinder LS2 built of three-dimensional polycarbonate with optical quality "A Class", with high impact resistance, which eliminates distortion and ensures maximum viewing quality.

zł299.00 Price

copy of Alpha Solid Origine Helmet

The Alpha helmet combines sporty style with urban elegance. The long anti-UV-coated viewfinder has a very easy disassembly system. Driving without a viewfinder is equally comfortable with a one-touch sun blend. To improve road safety, the helmet has reflective elements that provide better visibility on the road after dusk. For better comfort on colder days, the back of the helmet has a built-in collar, so the neck is covered from the wind. The elegant padding can be easily photographed and washed to keep your helmet clean. The micrometric clasp can also be easily fastened with motorcycle gloves.

zł429.00 Price